About Us

souris - time lux We are highly experienced in analyzing your document/data/information flow. Resulting in either distributed data or storage in a central repository.

Our software development experience enables us to easily identify the best candidate for each link of a production chain: integration of selected third party products or development of brand new applications. Thanks to our european culture, multilingual environments are familiar to us.

  • Strategical commitments: SGML, XML, XSL, HyTime, DSSSL, SPDL, CSS, …
  • Technological supports: Object-oriented and Client/Server design, C/C++, Java, J-script, Perl, …
  • Technical tools: Oracle, TCP/IP, Visual Basic (scripts and forms), ...

XPress – provides native support for XML, SGML and Unicode. The programmability of this authoring tool will ease its integration with state-of-the-art components like object oriented databases or workflow systems. It will also provide the author with an incredible level of automation that will significantly reduce the processing time in multilingual environments or when large documents are treated.

XPort – enables unlimited applications of their data to organizations owning large sets. This tool providing all the facilities described in the W3C Recommendation comes with an intuitive graphical user interface but also as a COM component that eases its integration in existing processes. Beside performance, the key features of the tool include pattern matching, processing of RTF (reading and writing) and integrated support for HTML output!

matriX – brings a visual XML / SGML table editor to the authors of organizations processing structured tabular data. Thanks its OLE nature, it can be integrated in virtually any environment requiring structured tables processing. Validation and automation are provided via the standard XSL included facilities.

XPert – is the learning and debugging companion of Xport, it allows the setting of breakpoints at all three levels: the input document, the style sheet and the generated output. Variables can be watched and set while the style sheet is applied step by step to the input document.

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Get bigger breasts with Brestrogen

Get bigger breasts with BrestrogenContrary to what some may believe, breasts are not made only of fat tissues. Their texture is also given by ducts and glandular tissues which can be enhanced with a proper stimulation.  According to WebMD, breast enlargement can be achieved without going through the knife but just by massaging your boobs with circular and gentle moves. Brestrogen is a natural cream designed to enlarge your breasts through Phytoestrogen, a plant-derived hormone that does not harm your health. In just 4 weeks from the first use, your bust will be more appealing due to their improved firmness and enlarged size. Gain more self-confidence with your enhanced boobs appearance.

Pueraria Mirifica is the most important source of Phytoestrogen and a great ally in your fight against aging. This ingredient is successfully used by many anti-aging products for skin and hair. When it comes about the bust, this manages to normalize any hormonal imbalance within your body and stimulates the natural growth of breasts. You will achieve the correct level of Phytoestrogen, and this will rebuild the contour of your bust while increasing their volume. And the best thing about Brestrogen is that its amazing results will last forever.

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Medical experts behind Brestrogen have created an easy guide for breast enhancement. All you need to do is to massage your boobs every day with the cream designed by Brestrogen. It will intensify the blood flow within the tissues composing your bust. These will receive more oxygen and hormones like Phytoestrogen and Prolactin which will stimulate their natural growth similar to what happens during puberty.  Use this cream for several weeks, and you will notice bigger perkier breasts that look fabulous no matter what clothes you choose to wear.

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